Smartphone Apps Necessary For Your Data Security

Data Security

When it comes to mobile security, you want to make sure that you are ahead of the curve.  Smartphones are not cheap at all, and in fact they are a highly coveted piece of technology.  Still, the value of data which is stored onto smartphones is usually higher than the value of the device itself.

There are specific things that you should do to prevent your data from getting stolen. It is worth to use great apps available for Android, iOs, and Windows that will help to secure your phone.


mSpy is probably one of the best mobile monitoring tools in terms of enhancing the user experience. It can be easily used as a spy app, but this app is very effective in tracking down the lost data.

The primary features of mSpy allow users to access the information stored on the phone they own in order to get a better idea of the activities going through that mobile device. That means you will know what text messages and emails are being sent/received, who’s calling, and you will be able to know the exact whereabouts of the phone due to GPS function of this software. In other words, you are able to keep track of almost all changes happening onto your smartphone and, consequently, protect your privacy.

mSpy also provides users with an incredible ability to lock the mobile phone or wipe all the information from it remotely.  This app can serve multiple purposes and it is completely incognito.

Carbonite Mobile

Carbonite mobile is a mobile back up and security app that makes it easy to back up all the photos and videos to a cloud and access them anytime. This app can also keep your cell phone safe whenever it’s stolen.

You can locate your mobile device, lock it using a personalized pin, activate a ringer just in case the phone is muted, and even take pictures of the person using your phone.  Last but not least, you can even destroy all the data on your mobile and reset it to factory settings.

One of the features that people absolutely love is that they have the ability to access all of their photos and videos from one cloud location.  Carbonite can also be installed on the laptop and back up all your important information regularly as well just in case your laptop is lost or stolen.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile is one of the most popular mobile security apps out there.  It is free to download; however, the true magic appears when the phone is stolen.  This option costs you 3$ a month, and will prevent the smartphones from using Wi-Fi connections that can compromise your personal information, avoid malicious applications, bad links, and other outside threats that can potentially harm your phone.

Also, let’s say that you lost your phone, or it got stolen and you want to locate it.  The bad thing about most phones is that GPS is usually already off.  However, this app can locate your phone whether your GPS is turned off or not!

This software is officially trusted by major phone companies as it is very safe and makes life a lot easier for the people who want to secure their phones and mobile data.  All of your information and phone activities are protected with Lookout Mobile Security.

These are also some other popular apps out there: McAfee Wave Secure and Kaspersky mobile security. The key is simply finding one application that works and sticking to it.

You never know when using your cell phone may cause problems; that’s why it is highly recommended that the very first app that you install on your phone is a mobile security app.

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